Monday, 31 October 2011

kehidupan lumrah dunia

memang lumrah manusia apabila terjadi sesuatu yang tak diiginkan akan meyalahkan pihak yg lain.. malah sanggup membenci sehingga melupakan masa lalu... kerana sesaat dan salah sangka semuanya jadi tak terurus. hidup disumpah atau tak disumpah merupakan perkara normal.. might be people said there is small ship and big ship but the best ship is friendship... but that word has no meaning at all for me.. it hard to find someone who are really care about us.. what has i gone through this past 23 yr old.. is only painx3... might be people always seem me just smile n heppy go lucky.. but inside no one know what are really my pain are... for the people i hurt... im sorry..and apologise.. i dunno where to start..but the really is.. i do dunno what is wrong with me... why do people hate it so much... i never told other that we have a speacial relationship.. for me .. u are great friend.. might be it just misunderstood... but who care and want to hear the truth when the hate has grown in somebody.. for people like me... they just see im just a trash and liar... god forgive them and me for i have sin... hope 2morow will be better than 2day.... ^^ still left than 10 week to fight what i hve learn in ums... and the problem come and past by...
i guess..apa yang dicari masih belum ku temui... perjalanan yang jauh..

oh lord... i really need ur help to pass it all.. unto your hand i surrender all...

"senja berlabuh .. malam menyepi... hati menangis, bibir tersenyum
pedih berlalu, masa dicoret,biar berlalu,
pengalaman mendewasakan...."

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