Thursday, 30 June 2011

Imbasan kecilku

I was born on 07 december 1988 at hospital limbang sarawak. Kaum iban and of coz boy ehehehe…name?? jst call me rick… J
 When I was little… im just a simple boy… can get everything I want.. FAMILY…UrMM I guess.. biasa jak… like other gak… but everyone got a different memory n experience right… my father was work at brunei.. and surround me I have grow with foreign friend such as Thailand,philiphine, and more I can’t remember..local fwen? Of coz… ^ ^… but im quit jelous with my brother and my little sister.. because there a always unfair… L mau kata nakal nda gak sa ni nakal Cuma kadang2 degil dan pemanas… they owez get what they want n me?? Huh… 4-get bout it… but it so k… I know who I am… maybe I was adopted child..that was owez in my mind when I was little.. kena rotan,kena pukul ahahahaha.. suda biasa masa kecil.. nakal kan.. Cuma nda puas ati sebab kadang2 bila abg atau adik yg punya salah ..saya lak yang selalu kena… yang paling diingat bila my papa humban kerusi n patah hanger pukul sia.. semua sbb slh abg .. but sa yang kena… 1 minggu sa merajuk, x mau cakap ngan sesiapa…then I started make attention my my study.. I owez try keep achievement on my result..but tidak pandai2 .. still my abang gak kena puji n owez yang depan… I hate school in SJK Chung Hwa.. because I dun know hw to learn Chinese samada in writing or reading… macam2 lae la… tp sa aktif dalam sukan.. n many goal that I hv reach ehehehe…. Urmmm… that was in primary… but when I was to finished my study at primary something has happened ..know what… my family was was when I was 12 years old… then a new journey has become…n all thing has change….

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