Sunday, 7 October 2012

fly with the wind

well i guess i quite long time i have not dance with my finger here... :) rick ryonne is back....
my konvokesyen day :)

tiada byk yg dpt di share... now for me..hanya menunggu masa utk konvokesyen.. weiii :)
i should thank God for what he has done n guide me along this ways... im nobody without bless from him... :) thank you god for guide me... along the journey i have been through i fell i still alone.. really now something just happend.. i dont know why..and where is my mistake but i guess it just flow from the life.. i want to understand it but i still can't.
am i that funny???
live with something unexpected in our live is just give us something new to learn from it right? for me it a "yes" i do learn from it. well...must be guess why i put the dog face at right side this "post" it cause it explain how i feel. why people always make fun of me? cause i was joker maybe! huh! but when it turn to my i will turn the other ways... ahahhaa... well... last time i like one of my buddy post at fb.." dont give other your shit if you cant stand for other shit next time" ahahahahahaa well, i guess that is it... :)
will find our own way

friend :)

bout friendship stories, for me it still same and it gonna change after graduation day, it all because we need to find our own ways after this, it was sweet to remember our friendship last time, but now, i must realize and grow up,they will not forever with me, cause their also have their own gold and destiny to fullfill, i wish and pray for their success, especially for my two great buddy!! for me knowing them in my life was no mistake at all but for me knowing them is like finding a precious treasure in my life! cause i have learn and always make a new day. there are so unique in my life. i was once sad and sit at the outside of the corner before, but when im enter my university life and meet them i was learn more thing precious thing. for me their friendship for me there was no word i can describe :) they are great.
 "dear lord, please guide and watch for both of them,
bless their family and career,unto your hand i pray,
i beg for your forgiveness oh lord if i was ever make mistake,
 and make them hurt,though in my word,my action and in what i forget,
lord forgive me and bless them" amen.

finding jobs lorr
real life now for me :) strike to excelent :) 
when i was kids i always dream a good career and jobs so i can help my family. but looking all after this year, i still alone :) why? because it will be new begining after this. people come and by but me still here :)
i wish i have a happier family now :( but it just a dream in other life i guess. cause this upcoming konvokesyen day just a normal day, it has no meaning at all for me cause i have no perfect family to celebrate with...

though my dad will come but still he argue with my mom about my convokesyen day :( i was so sad but i try to hide it. i just go with the flow. cause i was strong enough be in actor, cause i was live in pain since small so i know how to smile beside my deep heart was crying. :) to cure this heart was "surrender all to God".

what next??? 

maybe this i will be i guess... lets see what happend after konvokesyen day.. :) me also dunno yet... i just surrender all to god... till here.. will meet after konvo. :)

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