Tuesday, 5 June 2012

along the journey >upsi 2012< :)

It JUNE oleady... ahahaa sedar tak sedar banyak perkara yang berlaku sepanjang praktikal aq di sini fakulti muzik dan seni persembahan UPSI tg. malim perak.
 along the journey i hv been here.. it was cool and awesome.. just a little bit hot here... :)
not much has been happened.. all just go with the flow.. 
im start busy with work, teaching and share something new with upsi student here... 
lols.. the are so kind.. and great have been here.. these are some activity that has been us share together along the journey im here...
peserta bengkel tari kotemporari upsi 2012

yang sebelah atas adalah pic. masa 8-9mei bengkel tari kotemporari. peserta yang terlibat adalah pelajar sekitar upsi dan juga pelajar minor tari dan international exchange student from korea. it nice to meet them. yg sebelah kanan lak show masa 11 mei di dataran padang upsi sempena sambutan hari belia peringkat perak.. tarian yang dibawa adalah berkonsepkan 1 malaysia.. im proud to be malaysian. ^ ^

there are many more thing we have done.. im also has been actor for "teater produksi impak maksima---> hanturisme, walaupun latihan just 2 days... but i will gv my best.. byk lg kekurangan n i has oleady gv my best.. sory and i apologize if i have make mistake tym belakon.. but for sure it was fun n them warmly welcome me to join  the club and the mostly i have enjoys the moment been here ehehehe...

but now i just surrender all to god... cause i dunno what has happend to me.. i know there was nobody want to read and update this blog.. but i will always ready to take all the challenge in front of me.. me dun want to sad.. huhuhuhu i hope this sick will not getting parah... huhuhu i want to enjoys all my life.. :)

ow ya..  congratulation also to my best buddy!!! finally he gets what he want..he got taken to record some new album.. it awesome... wish i talented as him.. ahahaha just a dream! but im glad he get what he want.. thank god ... :)  sesungguhnya tuhan itu Maha Mendengar Dan Maha Baik... im glad he reach his gold... may his career will be blessed :) and me?? ahaha dunno yet.. i surrender all to god... may god bless my healthy :( dunno it getting worst or not.. urmmm. just surrender all to god.. :) apa pun dlm hidup ni kena senyum... pain>>> ahahahaa>>> mmg dr sulu suda aq kena tu susah.. it not "susah" oleady... huhuhuhu... :) kesakitan mengajar aq erti kesabaran dlm menempuh kehidupan.. :) 


  1. Hai :D...tahniah dah habis praktikal (^_^)

  2. thanx acill.. :) u too bro.. hbs uda kita... jumpa tym konvo k.. :P